Let’s see some hairstyles likely turning round face into a V-line face, an appropriate hair has the ability to overcome weak-points of the face efficiently. Because hair is like the secret weapon of female because in addition to effects on the beauty, let’s see 6 perfect hairstyles to overcome weak-points for girls.

  1. Long wavy hair

Long wavy hair not only makes you allure, stylish but also makes your face slim immediately. Puffy curls are the workhorse covering crude jaw area.

Wavy curls will cover a part of round face

In addition, it is also being evaluated to be a suitable hairstyle for all styles and never out of fashion over the years.

Combine with side parting bangs at the rate 7/3 will make your face slimmer

This hairstyle brings about youth and style


  1. Shoulder-length hair

It is no coincidence that many hot girls and stars like this hairstyle. Features of this hairstyle are shoulder length or longer than shoulders from 3-5 cm and be swept, curled to cover weak-points of the face.

Many Hot girls have loved shoulder-length hair for a long time

Hair curling trophy and curly hair tail are two most favorite hairstyles

If any girls are wondering a hairstyle for this autumn, don’t forget to consider this hairstyle Vietnam Hair.

  1. Bob hairstyle

Bob is the term to describe the jawbone-length hair. You can twist this hairstyle according to preferences such as straight, curling trophy, curly styles…

Hairstyle hugging face will help girls overcome weak-points of coarse face features

Because this hairstyle hugging jawbone, it will help girls significantly cheat face area.

  1. Central parting hairstyle

Central parting hairstyle from many years ago has become trendy in this year.

Appearing from the 90s, but recently, this trend is favor of many young people

This hairstyle is for girls with round face

This hairstyle not only makes you gentle, feminine, but also is evaluated to be suitable for any kinds of face and cover weak-points perfectly.

  1. Straight long hair

You need only wash and dry hair – you will have the hottest hairstyle this year

This hairstyle is familiar with all of the girls, it is not fussy. You need only wash hair and dry hair naturally, you will have a gentle and stylish hairstyle.

  1. Layered hairstyle

Another hairstyle from the 90s and earlier is the favor of many young people. Layered hair is expected to become a hot trend in autumn and winter 2016

If hair with the same layers makes your hair thicker, layered hair will make you feminine more than ever. Carefully layered hair will make you much more dynamic and younger.


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