As we know, oval face is the most perfect face shape that every girl desires because it is easy for you to have a haircut while it matches most of hairstyles. However, not everyone has an oval face, so which hairstyles should girls with a round face make to look the most beautiful.

  1. Boho Waves Hair

What is more wonderful when you appear with a side-swept bangs and super bouncy waves. The highlight of this hairstyle is that the longer layers help to elongate the face and create more volume near the neck.

  1. A Straight Bob Hair

This short bob is sure to make you satisfy. Modern and sleek, this hair is especially perfect for women who want to refresh themselves with a short hair and do not have much time for hairsalon or styling. The deep side part will help to conceal some of your round cheeks while the volume added at the roots elongates your face.

  1. The Pixie Haircut

It can be said that no one has a more beautiful pixie cut than Ginnifer Goodwin. She has a perfect pixie haircut which helps slim down her round face. The volume created by the subtle spikes on top of the head adding length to your face is the perfect mixture of edgy and feminine.

  1. Pulled Back Hair

If you are the maid-of-honor at your friend’s wedding or are looking for a birthday hairstyle, then this is just the choice for you. Especially, a round face can look extra perfect when the hair is pulled back nicely, showcasing all your beauty. This hair looks best on round faces as they add bounce and volume to your hairstyle. The side-swept bangs help create a youthful look for you.

  1. Bold Bangs

It is sure that many girls have experimented with this hairstyle and absolutely love it. These dramatic bangs almost make you look like a new person and give you a much more confidence that you have never known before. While the wavy layers slim your face from two sides, the flat bangs play up the eyes, making them the focus.

  1. Loose Ponytail

You see, the low ponytail with water waves looks so effortless because it literally requires minimum time to style. The messy back and the long bangs work perfectly together to frame your face and hide your wide cheekbones. This is surely a hairstyle that any girl with a round face should not ignore.

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